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cinnamic acid for pharmaceutical spice agricultural 621-82-9

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Name:cinnamic acid
Cas:621-82-9,140-10-3(trans cinnamic acid)
Cinnamic acid structure:c9h8o2
cinnamic acid molecular weight:148.16
Source:It occurs naturally in essential oils such as Chinese cinnamon oil and basil oil
Form:cis cinnamic acid and trans cinnamic acid.
Use of cinnamic acid:1. Cinnamic acid is safelyand spice, Because cinnamic acid good scents It is usually used as a spices ingredients to make the aroma of the main spice more refreshing and volatile.cinnamylic acid has a strong excitatory effect and can be directly added to all foods.2.Used in the pharmaceutical industry as an inhibitor 3.In the agricultural industry, cinnamic acid is used as a growth promoter and long-acting fungicide for the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

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